Affect and the Archive

Thursday, November 20, 2014
111 Graduate School of Education & Information Studies (GSE&IS) Building
University of California Los Angeles

Sponsored by the Archival Education and Research Initiative (AERI); and the UCLA Center for Information as Evidence, UCLA Department of Information Studies, the UCLA Department of English, and the UCLA Library.

Responding to the affective turn in scholarship and calls for archives to engage more directly with affective aspects such as intimacy, sexuality, love, trauma, hope, fear and activism, this symposium will explore scholarly and professional understandings of and encounters with affect in the archive as well as in broader record- and memory-keeping contexts.  The symposium has three main objectives:

  • to expose a range of conceptualizations, spaces and approaches relevant to this topic, for example, those relating to gender and sexuality or to conflict and other forms of violence, or in healthcare, the arts and humanities;
  • to generate dialogue between disciplinary and the professional archival and curatorial fields relating to affect and the archive/archives; and
  • to identify potential contributions that might be made by archival studies to the field of affect studies.